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With today’s fast phase technology, computers are becoming more complex and feature-packed. Loaded with bigger memory and better graphic processors, naturally computers are not just for serious business only but for serious hardcore gaming as well. So, to have a better and realistic gaming experience, manufacturers have created different game controllers, one of which is the pc joystick. Joysticks were first introduced as a stick controller for gaming consoles but now there are also joysticks for PC; thus the name PC joysticks.

There are two types of PC joysticks:

  • the arcade-style joystick
  • and the flight joystick.

Arcade stick is smaller for easy-grip and control. It also comes with flat button controller that serves some special functions. This type of joysticks is more popular to retro gamers who want real arcade-style combat.

The flight joystick on the other hand is longer and bulkier and has triggers on the forefinger part of the stick. Some even come with separate throttles and lever. These joysticks are mostly use for flight simulation games, which explains the name.

There are different brands of PC joysticks in today’s market and they offer different features and also complex designs.


Logitech has produced some of the most popular and highly rated brands of pc joystick. It has released different models of Logitech joysticks:

  • Freedom 2.4
    Logitech Freedom 2.4 GHz cordless joystick was designed with the same cordless technology used in cordless phones. Logitech Freedom 2.4 cordless joystick has a brushed-aluminum design and comes with ten programmable buttons, metal trigger, twist handle, throttle and eight-way hat switch. It is battery operated and can be used within 20-foot range. You can buy it online for as low as $45 to as much as $60.[phpzon]Freedom 2.4Logitech Freedom 2.4 GHz cordless, 2[/phpzon]
  • Attack3
    Logitech Attack 3 is design to give a smooth and precise performance with its eleven programmable buttons and force feedback functions. It has a rapid-fire trigger and smooth throttle control. This Logitech joystick is Mac and PC compatible and you can connect it through USB. Logitech Attack 3 delivers supreme control to the enjoyment of many computer game funs. The prices range between $29 and as $40.[phpzon]Logitech Attack 3 Joystick, 2[/phpzon]
  • Forces 3D Pro
    Logitech Forces 3D Pro provides great control and realistic flight experience. It has twelve programmable buttons and superior Force Feedback mechanism. This type of Logitech joysticks also come with precision throttle, twist handle and eight-way rubber hat switch. If you are into gaming, you can own this great controller from $47.[phpzon]Logitech Forces 3D Pro, 2[/phpzon]
  • Extreme 3D Pro
    Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick delivers optimum control with its twelve programmable action buttons and eight-way rubber hat switch. It also comes with easy to control throttle and twist handle for smooth and precise maneuvering. The 3d Pro joystick is designed with stable weighted base for a firm hold on domination. You can buy it online for as low as $30 to as much as $50.[phpzon]Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, 2[/phpzon]
  • Flight system G940 force
    Logitech G940 Force Flight System is definitely for hardcore gamers. It is design base on real military and commercial aircraft controllers. As a matter of fact the Force Feedback joystick feels and looks like the real thing. That means it has force feedback mechanism, dual-throttle, rudder pedals, toe breaks, programmable throttle-base buttons and on and off indicator. Logitech G940 Force will certainly give you more fun and excitement. However with high-quality features comes with high-price. It cost around $280 to as much as $300.[phpzon]Logitech G940 Force Flight System, 2[/phpzon]


Microsoft stands behind our everyday Personal Computers, PCs. Therefore it has been unavoidable for them not to develop PC joysticks as well because they are behind the PC Windows platforms. The family products of Microsoft SideWinder game controllers include joysticks and game pads. Microsoft SideWinder joystick is available in two ranges:

  • Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro joystick After some mishaps and experimenting with the Precision Pro controller, the company came finally with a new and improved Microsoft SideWinder Precision 2 joystick. These popular Microsoft joysticks include USB connection for easy plug-and play,16 programmable functions, 8 buttons and 8-direction hat, rotating handle, 146 degree action throttle and more. To get a new one you need to count with at least $48.[phpzon]Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro joystick, 2[/phpzon]
  • Microsoft Force Feedback joystickThe original Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro has been replaced with the improved Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2 joystick. This Microsoft Sidewinder 2 joystick comes with AC power adapters and has a USB plug-and-play set up. It has 16 programmable buttons, rotating handle, 16-bit 25-MHz on-board processor, force feedback mechanism, wide-base broomstick and hat switch button. This simple-looking, best-seller successor cost a hefty $100.[phpzon]Microsoft Force Feedback joystick, 2[/phpzon]


Another popular PC joystick manufacturer is Saitek Industries. Saitek PC joystick comes in four models:

  • Aviator
    Saitek Aviator dual throttle joystick comes with a classic or rugged design. Saitek Aviator joystick has dual throttle lever, covered rocket launcher, rudder twist, eight-way POV hat switch, two mode switch, two fire buttons, trigger and four base toggles.  It uses Saitek Smart Technology in programming as much as 40 commands. It cost around $32 to $41.[phpzon]Saitek Aviator dual throttle joystick, 2[/phpzon]
  • Cyborg Evo
    Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick comes with rapid-fire trigger, five buttons, 8-way “point of view” hat switch. For different hand sizes there are three handle adjustment, 3D lever throttle, 2 shift buttons and 4 base buttons. You can purchase the Saitek Cyborg Evo force joystick either wired or wireless. The prices start from $40.00.[phpzon]Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick, 2[/phpzon]
  • Cyborg X
    Saitek Cyborg X is a futuristic-looking PC game controller that has twelve programmable buttons, adjustable POV hat switch, twist axis rudder, dual throttle lever, adjustable and removable stick and a scroll button on top of the stick.  You can buy it online for as low as $35 to as much as $50.Saitek Cyborg X[phpzon]Saitek Cyborg X, 2[/phpzon]
  • ST90
    Saitek ST90 joystick comes in a unique and revolutionary design. It has dual-mode digital throttle, LED indicators, retractable tripod, two control buttons and trigger. It cost $15 to $20.[phpzon]Saitek ST90 joystick, 2[/phpzon]
  • ST50
    Saitek ST50 has a USB plug-and-play connection and is design for both left and right handed person. It is design with rapid-fire trigger, smooth-action throttle and stick and a suction base for steady gaming platform.  This simple, well-crafted joystick goes for $30.[phpzon]Saitek ST50, 2[/phpzon]
  • X52
    Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System joystick combines full gear authenticity and ergonomic design. It comes with multi-function display, rubber grip and part-metal construction. It comes with eight-way hat switch, three-way mode switch, five-way rotating handle, rudder control, toggle switch, trigger buttons, mouse controller and wheel on throttle.  This close-to-real-thing PC game joystick can be purchased for as low as $80 to as much as $95.[phpzon]Saitek X52 Pro, 2[/phpzon]


Another well-known brand is Thrustmaster joystick. They offer five different models of joystick for PC:

  • T16000MThrustmaster T16000M is a unique 3D technological innovation. It has break trigger, rapid-fire control, Hall Effect technology, 16 action buttons, multidirectional hat, 4 independent axes, rudder control and switch-enabling buttons. It has removable parts that make tailor-perfect for right or left handed people. This feature-packed controller cost around $50.[phpzon]Thrustmaster T16000M, 2[/phpzon]
  • T-Flight Stick X
    Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X is PS3 and PC compatible. It has 12 programmable buttons, four axes, throttle lever, rotating handle, internal memory, air-break trigger, multidirectional hat and a motion-sensor function. This ergonomically design controller cost around $30.[phpzon]Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X, 2[/phpzon]
  • Hotas Cougar
    Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar is definitely for serious gamers; its price range should also be taken seriously. This $250+ Pc joystick is an exact flight controls replica of the legendary F-16 aircraft. It has full-metal controller, 28 programmable buttons, multiple hat switch and uses Foxy programming software. It is a superior quality controller that provides virtually realistic flight experience; a definite must-have for hardcore gamers. Its price ranges from $200 to $270.[phpzon]Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar), 2[/phpzon]
  • T-Flight Hotas X
    Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X is compatible for PS3 and PC use. It has wide hand-rest, 12 programmable buttons, 5 axels, dual system-aerodynamic controls, break trigger, rapid-fire, multidirectional hat, internal memory storage, high-precision stick and mapping buttons. It also comes with a detachable throttle control. It cost as low as $32 to as much as $50.[phpzon]T-Flight Hotas X, 2[/phpzon]
  • USB stick
    Thrustmaster USB joystick is a simple, basic PC joystick. It is good for beginners who are still in the verge of learning how to use joystick. It has basic joystick features and functions and it cost $24.

[phpzon]Thrustmaster USB joystick, 2[/phpzon]

Since PC joystick are not created equal when it comes to price and features; you must think before buying one. Ask yourself what you need and what brand of joystick will answer to this need and how much you are willing to pay to answer this need. If you answer these questions properly, then you can definitely find the perfect PC joystick for you.

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